J.J. Abrams Considering Settings From TV's Lost As "A Jungle Planet" In STAR TREK 2?

Other locations that have been scouted include a museum in Los Angeles as a stand-in for "a famous Star Trek location".

Star Trek 2 (though it won't be called that) will begin filming on January 15th, according to TrekMovie. As we have heard recently director J.J. Abrams has been scouting locations, specifically it's said in Hawaii for what is being considered as a "jungle planet" for his sequel. Of course J.J. Abrams' mega successful t.v. show Lost was set in Hawaii and he will know it like the back of his hand. If you look at the image above, you can definitely imagine Kirk, Spock and McCoy beaming down and searching for life forms. Other locations that have been scouted include a museum in Los Angeles as a stand-in for "a famous Star Trek location" but a big portion will be shot, as ever, on the Paramount lot. No plot details just yet but it's said Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof are currently finishing off the third draft of the script after the greenlight from Paramount. Orci told TrekMovie; "rewriting is a good thing which normally makes the script better. We like to keep pushing the script, even if no one gives us notes." So it sounds like Paramount had few, if any problems with their last draft although the site's sources do suggest a new re-draft is to ensure the budget is in line with what the studio have set out and other than that they are "very enthusiastic" about the sequel and what J.J. Abrams and his team have come up with. Pre-production is well under-way now and head production designer Scott Chambliss and his team are said to have completed much of the design work. Construction has already begun on new sets. Paramount were savvy enough to keep the old set and set dressing elements from the 2009 film including the USS Enterprise which will all be re-tooled. ILM are already working on the effects. Discussions over castings are under-way and of course we already know Benicio Del Toro has been offered the villain role and that the Enterprise crew are back for the sequel. Star Trek 2 is due to open June 2013. With filming two months away, expect some solid news to come well before the end of the year. Previously; Why Khan As STAR TREK 2 Villain Would Be A Huge MistakeBenicio Del Toro is STAR TREK 2 Villain!J.J. Abrams€™ STAR TREK 2 Won€™t Be Called ThatJ.J. Abrams Scouting Locations For STAR TREK 2J.J. Abrams WILL Direct STAR TREK 25 Things We Expect J.J. Abrams€™ STAR TREK 2 To Have10 Choices For STAR TREK 2 Villains
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