J.J. Abrams WILL Direct STAR TREK 2

So Star Trek 2 is coming… finally. And in a few months we should start to hear plot/story snippets – something we’ve heard very little of so far.

Despite everyone knowing it for months, Vulture claim today to be officially confirming that J.J Abrams will direct Star Trek 2, the much anticipated sequel to his hugely successful 2009 reboot. But in truth the official official announcement won't come until Paramount deliver a press release in the coming weeks but come on... everybody knows Star Trek 2 is Abrams' next movie. The agreement has been made. Vulture claim to have heard from 'insiders' that pre-production is already underway on the film with Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtman and Damon Lindelof's final script due in before the end of the month before filming begins in the winter. This we have known really since Paramount took out the sequel contract clause with Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban, Zoe Saldana, Simon Pegg, John Cho, and Anton Yelchin which orders the cast to turn up for filming on the sequel early 2012 and if Paramount don't hit that date, they will lose millions in compensation to the actors. So clearly the movie is rolling in the next six months. The hold up on writing Star Trek 2 has been scheduling with the writers and Abrams as they have all been busy working on other things but with the stars aligning right now with Kurtzman finished his duties on his directorial debut Welcome to the People, the Trek high council are locking their office doors and making sure the script is the best it can be before turning it into Paramount for final approvement in the next few weeks. Don't know about you but I would sure love to be a fly in the room to these conversations! So Star Trek 2 is coming€ finally. And in a few months we should start to hear plot/story snippets €“ something we€™ve heard very little of so far. Plus the confirmation it will hit summer 2013 (G.I. Joe took the June 2012 release date from them this summer). So all we€™ve been able to do is write wishlists and speculate. You can find two of our articles below; 5 Things We Expect J.J. Abrams€™ STAR TREK 2 To Have10 Choices For STAR TREK 2 Villains

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