Jake Gyllenhaal To Star In Buddy Cop Movie END OF WATCH

Things have been unusually quiet for Jake Gyllenhaal since his much vaunted role in David Fincher€™s thriller Zodiac, but he has recently returned to the limelight in Price of Persia and as the unlikely squeeze of beauty pageant faced Anne Hathaway in Love and Other Drugs. He has subsequently been linked with a myriad of parts great and small, including taking over the Jason Bourne franchise from Matt Damon. The most recent of these however, according to Variety, is the leading role in the next film by award winning Training Day screenwriter David Ayer, titled End Of Watch, which the actor is in early talks to star. Ayer has turned to the €œbuddy cop movie€ format for his new project which is- predictably-being described as €œgritty,€ and Gyllenhaal is apparently in an advanced stage of discussion with the writer/director who will also co-produce with John Lesher through his own company, Le Grisbi Productions. Ayer will be keen to recapture his Training Day success having enjoyed only mixed praise for his subsequent writing and directing including, most recently, Street Kings with Hugh Laurie and Keanu Reeves, and before that Harsh Times with Christian Bale. No actor has been linked to the other half of the buddy cop duo but presumably it's a go project when a thesp can be found and indeed if Gyllenhaal signs on. Gyllenhaal, meanwhile, will return to the limelight once again with soon to be released Source Code, a science fiction thriller directed by David Bowie€™s son, Duncan Jones (Moon) and distributed by Summit Entertainment.
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