James Bond: 10 Greatest Animal Moments In 007 Films

3. Thunderball's Shark Pool

Thunderball Shark pool By definition, sharks are just scary. They can be large, not have feelings, skin is as razor sharp as their teeth, have several rows of fangs, and all-black eyes, looking naturally like something out of a horror film. Going swimming in the ocean with them can wet the pants of even the bravest, but how about being trapped with a couple inside a swimming pool? Connery falls in with a henchman and the villain closes him inside by sealing off the pool's surface with a metal cage. He then lifts a trap door allowing his pet sharks to enter the pool. The sharks rip into the bleeding henchman as Connery makes his escape down the same tunnel they entered almost going head-to-head with another one as it lazily swims by. Pretty suspenseful, but that's not the worst part. The worst is when Connery (or more than likely his double) is exiting the pool and one the sharks charge in his direction on camera. Was that shark actually going for him? Was that almost a real close call on set? Very scary to contemplate. Of course, Bond just blows the predator off with a, "Sorry old chap, better luck next time."
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