James Bond: Ranking The Theme Songs From Worst To Best

16. Goldeneye - Tina Turner Goldeneye

Description: Now we start venturing closer towards the more palletable Bond themes, though these are far from the best. Instead the next few are the rather OK entries that you could listen to, but aren't essential. It's Take It or Leave It central, kids; and Tina Turner's Goldeneye is our first entry. The '90s were a rather interesting time for Bond, considering that it was the first decade the franchise ran into some troubles. Between legal wranglings, global political shifts, and more health/morality conscious viewpoints on sexual promiscuity; Bond needed to change. This change was readily evident in the title scheme to 1995's Goldeneye, as a crumbling Soviet Empire was accompanied by Tina Turner's borderline S&M stylings. Choice Lyrics: "Goldeneye, not lace or leather. Golden chains take him to the spot. / Goldeneye, I'll show him forever. It'll take forever to see what I've got." For a movie that deals with James facing off against a former best friend/compatriot, this is certainly an interesting title song. Lace, leather, golden chains, watching from the shadows as a child... this is starting to sound less like Bond and more like a remake of Primal Fear. Nonetheless, it is a very listenable song, and Tina Turner doesn't try to be anything but the rock hard diva she is. That fact alone makes this one worth remembering, despite its odd footing coming from Bono and The Edge's rather... interesting lyrics (the less said about Eric Serra's time as a Bond composer, the better).
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