Jared Leto Shares Joker Image On Instagram To Calm You Down

Jared Leto understands the legacy he's inherited.

Suicide Squad's Jared Leto has taken to Instagram to share a meme submitted to him by a fan. It has the potential to make you even more hopeful for his rendition of The Joker than you might already be, seeing him really embrace the legacy behind the character. Now, it's foolish to think Leto doesn't know about the acting heavyweights who have played Mr. J before him, or the extent to which die-hard fans revere the character. He also doesn't strike me as the kind of actor who adopts a blasé approach to his roles; especially not this one, considering some of the things that have been making the rounds in the press. It's obvious that he's completely thrown himself into this part; Will Smith himself said that "never actually met" Jared Leto on set, only The Joker.
It's reassuring that not only has he addressed the calibre of the performances that precede him, paying proper tribute in the process, but also that he's really taken an interest in interacting with the fans. So many superhero movie stars either forget this element or are disinclined to do so from the off. It's also endearing that he's referred to the work done by the fan as "clever sweet + fun"... even though 'endearing' was never really a word I thought I'd associate with a guy playing The Joker. Suicide Squad is released on 5 August 2016.
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