Jason Momoa’s Aquaman Revealed

Forkin’ hell.

tweeting the first fresh look at Jason Mamoa as Arthur Curry aka Aquaman. The water loving warrior and €˜one true king€™ will be making (we€™re guessing) a brief appearance in the upcoming super showdown Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, where he€™ll no doubt be kicking off about us putting something in the water that we really shouldn€™t, right before he lets a shark eat someone. Naturally as with the reveal of any character from the DC camp, it€™s splitting fans right down the middle.

Wielding what looks to be a fairly realistic representation of the King of Atlantis€™ armour, it€™s clear to see that a tank of ink (squid-based perhaps?) has been emptied for the previously rumoured Samoan-style tattoos that he€™d be covered in. There€™s also his iconic €˜A€™ stretched across his waist (see it just under the €˜V€™ in €˜Seven€™) and of course, that massive five-pronged fork we doubt he€™ll be using to eat his dinner with. Currently there€™s no confirmed details on what part - big or small - Aquaman will be playing in the already crowded costume-filled house that is Dawn of Justice. As well as the two leading front men that will be scrapping, then siding with each other, Gal Gadot is making an appearance as Wonder Woman, as well as Ray Fisher putting on a full metal jacket as Cyborg. With all those off doing their thing, it€™ll be interesting to see where the space can be made for Aquaman and his mission to €˜unite the seven€™ seas. Going back to the image though, Momoa does look like a regal ruffian with that hefty head of hair and beard, something he€™s been used to handling after his appearance as Khal Drago in Game of Thrones. He€™s imposing, he€™s massive, and there€™s just the right amount of detail for someone to go €œhey look it€™s Aquaman€ whenever he dives in to Batman v Superman. Now all we can do wait and see him in action when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice arrives on March 2016. What do you think though? Is Snyder€™s take on Aquaman already set to sink? Or has Momoa€™s look confirmed that they€™ve found the right man for the job? Be good dears, and sound off in the comments below.

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