Jennifer Lawrence Wanted For All-Female Oceans Eleven Reboot

May reunite with Hunger Games director Gary Ross.

Hold on to your outrage, Hollywood's next all-female reboot is starting to grind into action.

After the ridiculous reaction to the very idea of making a Ghostbusters sequel/reboot, Gary Ross can probably expect an avalanche of butt-hurt man-children commenting on his female Oceans Eleven remake now that it's casting.

Sandra Bullock is already in, and now fellow Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence is reportedly in talks to join the project, according to The Tracking Board. That would see her reunite with The Hunger Games director Gary Ross, who is attached to direct.

Bullock is slated to play Danny Ocean's ex-con sister, who puts a team together to steal a necklace from the Met Ball in order to frame a villainous gallery owner. So more Robin Hood-esque shenanigans. Lawrence is being linked with the role as Bullock's trusted right-hand woman (the Brad Pitt to her George Clooney): a nice sounding dynamic.

Hopefully the film will be a return to the fundamentals of the first movie rather than the two sequels (though 13 wasn't entirely terrible), because that franchise became something of an exercise in self-congratulation. Diversity at this point is entirely welcome, even if it's bound to get some hot under the collar.

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