Joel Kinnaman Replaces Tom Hardy In Suicide Squad

Robocop star is set to lead the team.

Joel Kinnaman Suicide Squad Even with the eclectic cast for what seems to be Warner Bros. bravest chapter in the DC Cinematic Universe, there was still a space in David Ayer's Suicide Squad for the role of Rick Flagg, the leader of the popular team of anti-heroes that are set for the debut do-or-die mission next year. Heading through some rather choppy waters for the past month or so with Tom Hardy originally in and then out of the role, before being briefly looked over by Jake Gyllenhaal, The Wrap reports that the studio have finally settled on someone to raise the Flagg - The Killing and Robocop star, Joel Kinnaman. Though there's no solid confirmation from the studio, the trade has revealed that things are pretty much set for Kinnaman to join the team which already has some impressive talent on board. Consisting of the high-calibre cast members like Focus stars Will Smith and Margot Robbie as Deadshot and Harley Quinn respectively, and Jared Leto bravely stepping into the insane shoes of The Joker, these names alone should make it interesting to see how he handles leading this crew of criminals. So far, Kinnaman's biggest role in film has been suiting up as Robocop (a remake that proved to be a damn sight better than everyone thought it would be), but looking at his filmic calendar at IMDB and it seems he's been a busy lad of late. Coincidentally he'll be appearing alongside Tom Hardy in Russian-based murder mystery Child 44, as well as upcoming Liam Neeson-starring thriller, Run All Night. With these in mind, there's a strong chance that Kinnaman may have taken notes on how to throw his weight around from one man that played Bane and another that could probably take Bane armed only with a leather coat and a broken bottle. Suicide Squad also stars Jai Courtney, Cara Delevingne with rumoured appearances from Viola Davis as Amanda Waller, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor and a possible Batfleck. You'll be able to see a few or all of them when the film hits screens August 5, 2016.
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