Joel Schumacher's Batman: 6 Things He Did Better Than Nolan

6. He Cast Jim Carrey As The Riddler

Jim Carrey It seems the passage of time has the ability turn people into haters - how else can you explain the current dislike Jim Carrey garners for his portrayal of the Riddler in Batman Forever? If I recall correctly, when it was announced in 1994 that Jim Carrey would don the famous green bowler hat and suit jacket it was generally regarded as good news. Why wouldn't it be? You have one of the greatest comedic talents of this generation (maybe ever) pouring his talents into the role of one of Batman's most legendary adversaries. Of course the public had every right to cry foul if the execution was poor, but it plainly wasn't . If I may say so, Carrey took the role of The Riddler and knocked it out the of park. Yes, he did bring his trademark rubber-faced humor to the role but, contrary to popular opinion, I don't see that as such a bad thing. After all, isn't the Riddler considered to be one of the more jokey character in Batman's rouge gallery (he does tell riddles after all)? And yes, I know he's supposed to be a psycho (although technically his diagnosis is that of extreme obsessive compulsive disorder) but I ask you, what form of psychosis is not without a little bit of humor? It has always been my observation that crazy equals funny. Tim Burton understood this: Joel Schumacher understood this: Nolan didn't: Geez. I'd rather watch the Joker go to an art museum than see him crash that party again. Even as far as homicidal killers go Heath Ledger's Joker is a bit of a buzz kill. Yet, in today's society it seems that the more dark and joyless a film is the better. I would hate to imagine the kind of Riddler Nolanites would enjoy. He'd probably cut his victims ears off then whisper riddles inside of them before stapling them back to his victims head so they could answer. Think I'm going to far? Not if you recall the scene in the Dark knight where a guy is walking around with a cell phone bomb sewn into his stomach. Uhh....excuse me, I paid for a ticket to a Batman movie, not David Fincher's Seven. You guys can have the cell phone bombs and pencil tricks if you want em'. Me, I'm content to watch Jim Carrey's Riddler prancing around Gotham city wreaking his own merry brand of destruction.

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