John McTiernan to bet on High Stakes

imageny11004141046.jpgAction director John McTiernan has become attached to his second potential directing project in two weeks. This time it's High Stakes, a Las Vegas thriller which is set to begin lensing in the fall.
Penned by Ronnie Christensen, the story revolves around two friends who find themselves in over their heads when they realize they are the living collateral of a high-stakes bet.
Gambling movies are making a return big time, I think this is something like the 5th or 6th Vegas gambling movie that has been greenlit over the last ten months. The other movie on his upcoming schedule is the $30 million action/thriller Run which the last we heard was to shoot in August with a script that contained a 100 page chase scene. Karl Urban will lead that movie as McTiernan shoots his first film in four years. source - the hollywood reporter
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