Joss Whedon: 10 Crowning Moments Of Awesome


Joss Whedon is a God to many.

He's the man who could, starting out by changing the face of television forever by giving the world a female protagonist who could have it all - family, friends, power, responsibility - and made her the saviour of the world several hundred times over.

He then went on to give a vampire a soul and his own show, a ragtag crew of space outlaws a ship called 'Serenity' in a far-off future, and a girl named Echo the chance to discover herself and her identity. Then he went and wrote and directed the third biggest movie of all time, a comic-book mash-up extravaganza that pleased audiences and critics alike, propelling Mr Whedon from the cult into the mainstream.

He's just gone and unveiled new show 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D' to positive reception and reviews and so I took a look back at Whedon's work and pick ten of those shining moments that encapsulate his work - those moments of fear and suspense and humour and sheer, unbridled ass-kickery from the people you'd suspect the least, as well as his predominant and prominent theme of the ordinary becoming extraordinary heroes.


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