jurassic park 3

Jurassic Park; One of the biggest movie franchises of all time.

According to reports, a fourth instalment of the epic dinosaur saga is due for release next year and, although this date seems unlikely, the fact that there’s definitely going to be a fourth film at all is exciting.

But, as with a lot of movie franchises, the sequels up to now have gradually declined in quality. The Lost World was acceptable but not on the original’s level, while Jurassic Park III was awful.

In order for number 4 to be a success, the powers-that-be need to abide by a certain list of rules and include certain elements.

In this article, I’m going to run through 10 ways to make sure Jurassic Park IV is a success…


10. Return To The Original Setting


For Jurassic Park to really be Jurassic Park, it has to be set in… Jurassic Park, right? Right? For the record, the correct answer is ‘yes’.

We’ve seen enough of Isla Sorna, we need to get back to Isla Nublar to see what happened there and how it has ultimately turned out. Has it been taken over by dinosaurs? Has it been manually demolished? Is it now open as a successful park? Is it due to open as a functional park? What exactly went on there immediately after the first movie and what has happened since? That’s all we want to know.

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This article was first posted on March 1, 2013