Jurassic Park 4: 10 Ways To Make It Great

It’s been well over a decade since Jurassic Park IV was first announced by Steven Spielberg himself, and unless you’re…

T.J. Barnard



It’s been well over a decade since Jurassic Park IV was first announced by Steven Spielberg himself, and unless you’re a) really confused or b) not a Jurassic Park fan, you’ve probably noticed that it hasn’t been released yet. And for those who have followed in the giant footprints of the movie’s mounting production, you’ll know that Jurassic Park IV has been in development hell for the entirety of that time – until now!

That’s right: the fourth installment in the “65 million years in the making” movie franchise has been slated for a June 13th 2014 release. And personally speaking on behalf of everyone in the world, I can’t wait. To celebrate (and to poke my nose in where it most definitely doesn’t belong), here’s 10 ways to ensure that Jurassic Park IV emerges as the blockbuster smash it deserves to be. Hold on to your butts!


10. Return To Isla Nublar


The last two installments of Jurassic Park had its character going off to another Jurassic Park that, uh, existed in, like, secret – the last thing that this fourth entry needs is to lose its credibility from the start by having a suited character show up and whisper, “Oh, no, Dr. Paleontologist… there was always a third island.” That kind of narrative laziness is sure to evoke groans from just about every fan of the series, given that the writers have already employed that little trope already. So how about we go back to Isla Nublar?

There’s a ton of possibilities awaiting any characters who might end up there, and a whole variety of potential plot ideas to consider, too. I mean, has it been simply left and overrun by dinosaurs? Cool. Are a new team sent to the island to investigate or recover something important? Cool. Point is, this is absolutely the right location for the fourth installment to take place, because c’mon, it’s the Jurassic Park we all know and love. Having scenes set in the ruined and overgrown sections of the park we know from the first film is a good nostalgic nod, albeit one that doesn’t mess around with the integrity of the original too badly. It’s the perfect compromise. Which brings us to…