Jurassic World: 10 Things That Completely Ruined Fallen Kingdom

9. Rafe Spall's Villain

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Rafe Spall

Rafe Spall is one of Britain's most underrated talents, but you wouldn't believe it if the only film you'd seen him in was Fallen Kingdom. Revealed to be the main villain early on in the story, Spall does what he can with the material, but the character's cringe-inducing dialogue and 0-100 villainy results in a cartoonish performance that feels entirely at odds with the rest of the cast.

In fact, at times the character feels like he's in an entirely different movie. Until the very end, he only has a single interaction with either Chris Pratt or Bryce Dallas Howard, and even when the climax is in full swing, the heroes don't actually have any kind of rivalry with him.

He has no real motivations and absolutely zero menace, essentially only being there to give a face to the amorphous corporate businesses the film is really taking aim at.


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