Jurassic World 2 - Everything You Need To Know

8. It’s Filming In Hawaii (And Slough)

Jurassic Park

Among the locations for Jurassic World 2's shoot are two highly alluring places: the exotic American island state Hawaii (famous for its tropical climates) and the Berkshire industrial town Slough (famous for housing David Brent, and Burger King's UK head office).

Jurassic Outpost broke the news of Slough's involvement in the dino-stuffed sequel, sharing a letter to the residents of Langley Business Centre. This film - under the production title Ancient Futures - will set up shop at this hub of industry for one day in February and a further eleven days between now and June. It seems likely it'll double for some kind of lab, unless they're planning to add British businesses to the Jurassic Park mythos.

The Hawaii chunk of the production (which will presumably capture the vast majority of the island-based antics) also kicks off this month. Other locations include the Brecon Beacons and a Welsh coastal village named Penbryn. The main home of the production is the UK's Pinewood Studios.


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