Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Review - 5 Ups & 7 Downs

6. It's Cloying

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Jeff Goldblum Ian Malcolm

The eco-warrior message is an intriguing new angle for Jurassic World 2 - though there was some of it in The Lost World, of course. But the script is so awful that the message comes across as cloying and melodramatic.

We don't really need to see slow-motion shots of dinosaurs in pain and anguish to know that it's really mean to let them die horribly by poisoning or volcano damage. We don't need to see a lone surviving dinosaur watch its rescue ship abandon it with a look on its face that definitely says "what the F*CK, Susan?!" It's too explicit that it ends up being silly.

The film gets pretty preachy in places and the final allusion to the morality of cloning humans being no different misses all of the heavy metaphorical importance it was clearly designed to have. When you're trying to tell the message that dinosaurs have rights too while simultaneously making one of them an old school slasher movie villain, it's kind of hard to agree.

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