Justice League: 10 Biggest Questions It Leaves Unanswered

Just what does Steppenwolf have to do with Darkseid, again?

Warner Bros.

After what feels like an age, the highly anticipated team up of the Justice League has finally hit theatres. Plagued by a myriad of production problems after Batman V Superman received a critical kicking and didn't take in the amount of money that a tentpole blockbuster featuring the two most iconic superheroes in the world should have, the latest instalment in the DCEU has been considered a small step in the right direction for the fledgling cinematic universe.

Unfortunately though, the piecemeal nature of the sequel's production - with 20% of the film being made up of reshoots and the whole thing ordered to be under two-hours long - has left its mark on the finished product.

The blockbuster was always going to struggle under the weight of its narrative requirements, having to not only introduce three new superheroes, a main villain and tie the whole thing into the series' continuity, but the added production problems have resulted in a film that raises a lot of questions and probes a wealth of new ideas, but rarely answers or follows through on any of them.

Consequently, fans leaving the cinema are going to be contemplating a plethora of questions that the sequel leaves unanswered, and surprisingly the most pressing one isn't "what on Earth have they done to Henry Cavill's face?"


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