Justice League: 10 Things That Have Threatened To Ruin The Hype

It's almost like it's cursed...

Ben Affleck The Batman
Warner Bros.

If Justice League comes out and lives up to the huge weight of hype that has swept it to the top of the most anticipated list for a significant number of movie fans, there's a distinct chance that its successes will be treated as inevitable. Of course a movie with that sort of star power would do well. Of course a movie that expensive would do well. Of course a movie with the Justice League in would do well. What the hell did anyone expect exactly?

But such a reflection would absolutely ignore what has been one of the most fraught productions in living memory - and not even in terms of actual problems on set. No cast members have fought publicly. There have been no tragedies on set, nor any rumours of friction, and even the dreaded "studio interference" issue seems to have not been one.

And yet, the film has faced problems at almost every turn, ranging from cynicism to world-ending chimes of doom, and while some of the "issues" have been vastly blown out of proportion, there have been some revelations during the film's pre-release period that have done SERIOUS damage to the studio's ability to build hype. It's been a battle, to say the least.

You might even think it's all cursed...

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