Justice League: 25 WTF Moments

25. The "Invisible" Moustache

Batman V Superman Henry Cavill Mustache
Warner Bros.

Imagine a world where a movie that costs somewhere around $300m (allegedly) was utterly derailed and overshadowed by a single line of hair that most people deal with thanks to a razor costing a matter of dollars every couple of days...

Sure, Warner Bros were hamstrung by Paramount's refusal to allow them to shave off Cavill's Mission Impossible 6 'stache - which could very easily have been replaced in MI6 very easily (with a prosthetic or something far less taxing than digital removal) - but the work that went into "hiding" it was shoddy to the point of distraction.

It's a shame the effects team were put in that position, but the idea that anyone signed off on Cavill's Desperate Dan face after the removal is just laughable. It will go down as one of the most embarrassing moments in comic book movie history.

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