Justice League: 25 WTF Moments

Moustache Impossible.

Superman Justice League WTF
Warner Bros.

You would have thought that the production issues on Justice League and the so-very-well-publicised attempts to change it (with reshoots, a new director, reshaping the story entirely or whatever) would have ensured that it would have been a consciously fine-tuned product when it came to screens. Sadly, the reality is that it's a mess.

It's not completely disastrous - as there definitely are redeeming factors - but in hindsight it feels like the product of too many cooks trying to make entirely different recipes and it's really not that tasty as an ensemble.

Even worse, it falls into some of the same pits that have already plagued the other DCEU releases to date (let's take Wonder Woman out of the equation now, because it's great and proximity here is mean-spirited to its achievements), as if Warner Bros learned nothing from what came before.

That can be the only explanation for why we end up with a terrible fully-digital villain, poor story choices and under-nourished characters, and on an even more specific level, there are some moments in there that will leave your jaw hanging from sheer stupidity. It might have been a lot more fun than Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman, but there were a LOT of issues...

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