Justice League: 29 Easter Eggs & References You Need To See

1. The Classic Superman Shirt Rip

Superman Christopher Reeve
Warner Bros.

The final moments of Justice League show Clark dressed in his familiar journalistic attire, before tearing his shirt open to reveal the Superman costume underneath, and flying into the air in the film's closing shot.

This is yet another instance of the movie trying to hew closer to the popular, cheery conception of Superman, with the shirt rip being an iconic mainstay of the character that's appeared in just about every major screen iteration of the Man of Steel.

It does raise some intriguing questions about how Clark is going to exist in the DCEU as a Daily Planet reporter after "dying" in Batman v Superman, but getting to see Henry Cavill going full Christopher Reeve was an undeniable treat.

What were your favourite Justice League Easter eggs? Got anymore we missed? Shout them out in the comments!

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