Justice League: 7 Reasons To Be Positive About The DCEU’s Future

7. Overall, The Reaction Has Been More Positive

Warner Bros.

Though Justice League's critical response wasn't overwhelmingly favourable and the film hasn't had an impressive box-office run so far, the reaction it received - from both fans and critics - has been much more positive than the response to Batman V Superman.

Initial social media reactions called the film imperfect, but a step in the right direction for the DCEU. Shortly after, the film's official reviews reflected this early consensus, with most outlets praising the snappy dynamic between the heroes, as well as the lighter tone.

The numbers and statistics speak for themselves, too. Yes, Justice League currently sits at a rotten 41 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, but that's the third-best in the DCEU (up from BvS's 27% and Suicide Squad's 26%), and its audience rating sits at a whopping 81%, the second-highest in the franchise (behind Wonder Woman's 89%).

Sure, Justice League isn't an absolute slam-dunk like Wonder Woman was, but it also hasn't been widely-panned like BvS or Suicide Squad. Even those that gave the film a bad review have found things to like within it, giving the DCEU some ammunition to use going forward.


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