Justice League: 9 Major New Details Warner Bros Just Revealed

Empire magazine (and a leak) reveal new info...

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Warner Bros.

It's now only a matter of months until the DCEU - though Warner Bros don't OFFICIALLY want you to call it that - comes to its first point of climax with the Justice League ensemble that will see the formation of a new brand of unified superhero justice.

Inevitably - given the production story - most talk in the run-up to release (and for years, really) has focused on the potential issues the film faces, what that could mean to the final product and who is to blame. There's a lot of positivity, certainly, but there's a certain element of commentary on it that seems to suggest there will be some who would rub their hands with glee if the film actually failed.

What should be remembered is that Justice League is helmed by two great film-makers (each with their own baggage and issues), that the cast is great, that the characters are iconic and important and that it has lots and lots of potential. And it's now getting to the point where we'll see more marketing focused on the film to try and remind us all of that fact.

The latest big outlet to focus on the movie's Winter release is Empire, whose latest issue details the cast and production and reveals some interesting new facts.

So what more do we now know?

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