Justice League: 9 Major New Details Warner Bros Just Revealed

9. There's More Sardonic Alfred

Justice League Alfred meets Superman
Warner Bros.

If you were a fan of Jeremy Irons' pith-spitting, sardonic version of Alfred who was introduced in Batman v Superman, there's some good news. According to Empire, the character, who made a splash by sarcastically busting Batman's balls between offering sage advice (in stark contrast to Michael Caine's permanently teary-eyed matriarch type) in the super-clash flick, is bringing more of his trademark attitude in Justice League.

The Empire feature details the Justice League's arrival at the Batcave after a battle that seems not to have gone their way. But despite the somber mood (for everyone bar the chipper Flash, who fanboys out at being in the Cave), the scene seems to be stolen by the hilarious Alfred, who is full off snarky one liners.

The magazine details a few of them: "If you'd warned me, I would have baked a cake" , "I'll break open the party hats and the pinata" and "I'll make some tea. Don't know where I'll find the cups." And apparently, you even "get to see Batman smile. For the first time!" in Ben Affleck's words.

No surprise, Joss Whedon has been given credit for the scene.

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