Justice League: Every Character Confirmed So Far

Could Green Lantern be next?

Justice League Poster
Warner Bros.

There may even be some left-field choices...

In just a matter of months, fans who grew up loving Batman, Superman and every flagship DC character will finally get to enjoy the superhero ensemble movie to end them all. Sure, the MCU's Avengers delivered an impressive marriage of the characters introduced in phase one, but none of them could ever have hoped to compete with DC's big three in terms of long-term fan adulation.

This very much feels like the main event, which is precisely why it's easily one of the most hyped films currently in production. Even with cynicism over the critical reception of the first three DCEU movies, the prospect of seeing the formation of the Justice League holds a special position, just as Batman v Superman did before it.

Even if it looked broken from the outset, it would be assured a huge fan response and major box office performance. But luckily, it genuinely looks like it's delivering on the incredible levels of hype. And if that turns out to be the case with the huge cast we know is involved and the many disparate elements that need to be balanced, it really deserves to be heralded as a huge win for Warner Bros and DC.

And even if it doesn't, at least it means we'll get to see a host of characters introduced for the first time in DC movie history, which in itself is exciting.

So who do we definitely know is in?

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