Justice League: Every Character Ranked From Worst To Best

17. The Russian Family

Chernobyl Girl Justice League
Warner Bros.

Probably the most baffling aspect of the entire movie is the bizarre decision to focus on a random Russian family who are apparently the only people caught in ground zero during Steppenwolf's final strike.

This feels like something that was blatantly added in reshoots by Joss Whedon, likely to combat test screening claims the movie lacked a human element in its third act.

Still, it was a woefully transparent affectation that a mere two-hour movie could've easily done without. We don't learn much about the family at all, so it just felt like a cheap attempt to to cram some "human interest" into the film, which Whedon is also guilty of in his two Avengers movies, with random, attractive damsel-in-distress characters being saved by the heroes.

They weren't as actively frustrating as Steppenwolf, though, so they take #17 by default.


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