A few weeks ago, the superhero film genre exploded with the rumour that Chris Nolan could in talks to produce a Justice League film for Warner Bros. In my opinion, the even bigger piece of news was that Christian Bale would be returning to wear the bat-suit at least one more time, should Nolan come on board. Needless to say this got us excited!

For many people including hardcore fan-boys and even mainstream audience members, this news came as a legitimate shock. There is no shortage of interviews and soundbites from Chris Nolan over recent years that led most of us to never expect his version of Batman to stand next to Superman or other super-powered beings in a live-action film. As recently as July 2012, Nolan stated that he would have no involvement with Justice League and that he was finished with his story of Batman. What a difference eight months may have made.

Now that the public at large has had time to digest the news, there are some questions that need to be answered. The questions that I am most concerned about have to do with the events and continuity surrounding “The Epic Conclusion” to Chris Nolan’s Batman story, aka, The Dark Knight Rises. These are the ten that I feel must be answered by not only the filmmakers in charge of Justice League but by the film itself once it’s released.

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This article was first posted on March 24, 2013