Thanks to Marvel’s grand experiment The Avengers paying off to the tune of a six hundred million dollar domestic box office gross, that other company that makes movies based on people wearing abnormally designed long underwear is anxious to throw together their own “team” movie. While the obvious big headliners (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash, and Martian Manhunter) will undoubtedly be making an appearance, there are many others in the DC stable that will probably have to sit this one out. Why? Either because they’re too bizarre, too unrecognizable or too similar to characters that Marvel already has planned for films down the road. It’s too bad, since DC has a huge stable of characters that are ripe for cinematic exploitation.

So, here’s a list of ten DC heroes you could probably bet you’re not gonna see in the upcoming knee-jerk reaction film, Justice League.

10. The Atom (Ray Palmer)

The only reason The Mighty Mite is probably going to have to stay at home on the opening weekend of Justice League is thanks to Marvel Studios’ amazing realization that shrinking superheroes are way too much fun to pass up. So, they’ve already got their Ant-Man movie underway and had the smarts to let the flawless Edgar Wright direct it. It’s a shame since The Atom has the one-up when it comes to getting tiny. While Ant-Man can shrink down to the size of his titular creature, The Atom can shrink down to the size of… well, an atom. This means we could have scenes of him having to fight off giant amoeba or construct some vital element at the molecular level.

Imagine Superman being held captive by a rock of kryptonite, and The Atom actually having to reconfigure the particles of the kryptonite to turn it into some harmless element. Oh, right, Ray Palmer is also a super-smart scientist. That won’t come in handy for a team of superheroes. They’ll probably assign scientist duties to Batman or the Martian Manhunter when the movie rolls around. Poor Ray Palmer will just have to wait until that Fantastic Voyage remake finally happens.

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This article was first posted on October 15, 2012