JLA vs Avengers

So a few days ago, the Internet blew up with rumors about Christopher Nolan producing a Justice League movie possibly being directed by Zack Snyder, with a possible return of Christian Bale as Batman. After trying to contain my excitement, failing, and setting my Twitter feed all abuzz, I started thinking about how awesome such a Justice League movie would be. Couple that with the recent reports pouring in about how fan-damn-tastic Man Of Steel is looking, the Justice League movie could be better than the Avengers.

Now, I love The Avengers as much as the next Whedonian, and I am over the moon now that Joss Whedon’s geek cred has finally been solidified for the masses. Vindication comes by very rarely in life. And this list is in no way taking anything away from the super success of The Avengers, both commercially and critically. But I’m just the kind of guy that prefers solid substance over wham-bam-thank-you-ma’m type of action stories. For instance, I liked The Incredible Hulk over Iron Man.

Following both Marvel & DC comics for years, I’ve always noticed that DC stories deal with more symbolic concepts with deeper meaning. For example, Batman’s struggle with his own internal code of ethics when faced with Joker’s willingness to kill in The Dark Knight, versus the physical & emotional struggle of our heroes dealing with a global scale alien invasion from another realm in front of their eyes. Both have their dramatic merits in their individual worlds, but are distinctly different in their respective contexts.

So hear me out before you reach into the attic for your angry mob pitchforks. I provide 5 very well thought out, and not at all rambling reasons as to why I think a Justice League movie will be better than The Avengers…

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This article was first posted on March 8, 2013