Justice League Review: 4 Ups & 7 Downs

1. The Post-Credits Scenes Are Fun & Surprising

Justice League HQ
Warner Bros.

Though Zack Snyder originally stated that the DCEU wasn't going to go the Marvel route of including credit tags in their movies, Justice League features two sequences in its credits, and they're really damn good.

One is a fun throwaway crowd-pleaser, while the other is a fantastic stinger aimed at the hardcore comic book crowd, suggesting that one of Batman v Superman's biggest issues may have been rectified, while signalling the arrival of a fan favourite character.

Considering how much these movies are struggling to integrate wider world-building into their core, post-credits scenes are an easy, harmless way to do it, so they may as well take advantage of that.

Here they did a great job with it, serving up one light gag and one genuinely surprising and intriguing tease for the future. Here's to hoping the Justice League follow-up can actually capitalise on that potential.

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