Justice League: Snyder Cut Website Opens For "Open-Hearted" Fans

"Sharing art appreciation always gives and never takes."

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In case you've lived under a rock for the past couple of months, you should probably know that there are some fans out there who genuinely want a Zack Snyder Cut of Justice League to be released by Warner Bros. Which would be all well and good if it existed. Which it probably doesn't.

As part of their fierce commitment to this fool's errand, a select group of protestors turned up to picket Warner Bros HQ (all 13 of them) and launched a petition in an attempt to strong-arm the studio into releasing the alternative cut. They're aiming for the same approach to a home release that saw Richard Donner's Superman II eventually released, and clearly have a lot more faith in Snyder's vision than it possibly deserves given the DCEU precident.

The site is really quite something: it's full of intellectual, philosophical quotes about the nature of art and a quasi-religious celebration of Snyder, who seems to have become a fonthead for almost cult-like zealots. The banner they're working under reads:

“Welcome to ForSnyderCut. Your site for Snyder film appreciation and bringing to light the Snyder Cut of Justice League. Anyone with an open heart and mind is welcome, because sharing art appreciation always gives and never takes.”

They have a timeline "proving" that the Snyder Cut exists (it doesn't - not in a way that could be released anyway despite the rumours) - in reality a collection of articles talking about cut scenes and trying to trace what went wrong with the movie - and you can't fault the passion that's gone into it. You just have to wonder at the value of it in the end - there's no way Warner Bros will spend the millions needed to finish any cut (not for 160k petition signatures) .

And ironically, given the criticism of critics on there (in a few of the testimonies saying why the Cut should be released), it is remarkably led by bias. Which it would be, given that it's essentially a vehicle for superfans who don't seem to be willing to accept that Justice League WAS Snyder's vision. He worked on the reshoots. He worked on the cuts after his early version was slated by Warner Bros. It isn't a case of Joss Whedon simply crashing in and throwing everything out.

But hey, honestly, it's good to have a passion in life. Even if there's the same whiff of Trump hysteria about it as we saw last year.

Check out the website here.

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