Justice League Spoiler: Did Darkseid Cause The Chernobyl Disaster?

Will the League battle Steppenwolf at the infamous site?

Chernobyl Ferris Wheel

It would appear that Justice League might be about to change the history of the modern world as we know it. Thanks to the latest batch of images released by Empire Magazine, it seems that the film will propose an alternative timeline where Darkseid (or the Mother Boxes, or both) was responsible for the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Disaster of 1986.

The hint comes courtesy of this image from Empire , which shows Batman and Wonder Woman in the Batcave, in front of some monitors, which clearly have the image of the Pripyat Amusement Park - one of the most visually arresting monuments to the disaster.

Justice League Wonder Woman Batman
Empire/Warner Bros.

Why can't Batman just have a normal chair?

Anyway, given that the image is on the Batcomputer, it would seem that the movie's climactic battle will legitimately take place there, as has been rumoured elsewhere. That would explain the buildings from that sequence all being abandoned and the very Eastern European industrial feel to the aesthetic.

So does this also mean that the site is of historical importance to Darkseid? Could this have been the site of a Boom Tube Generator (which caused the disaster unwittingly)? Or could there be a Mother Box hidden there from the earlier attempted invasion of Earth?

It's all very intriguing.

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