Justice League: The Aquaman/Batman Bromance Continues In New Teaser

Meet your new favourite power couple.

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Though we've been told that The Flash is going to be everyone's favourite Justice League character when the film comes out, it's looking more and more like Jason Momoa's Aquaman will be the real MVP of the super-ensemble.

A lot of that has to do with the dynamic he's already cutting with Ben Affleck's Batman, who has been repositioned to a sort of permanently exasperated old dog, with young whippersnappers and chaotic bad-asses twisting his melon. He knows it's for the good of the world, and will no doubt come to view them all as affectionately as if they were his kids, but he'll damn sure still be pissy at them.

Now the new Friends TV spot for the movie has added another little exchange between Batman and Aquaman that teases their burgeoning bromantic relationship, and it's just getting all the more delightful.

There's very little new footage in there - as you'd expect from a TV spot at this stage - but there's new dialogue between the two as Aquaman busts Batman's chops for his outfit. “Dressed like a bat? You really are out of your mind!” Batman responds with his own barb: “I’m not the one who brought a pitchfork."

Definitely a nice dynamic in the making here.

This is also further proof that the DCEU is going with a lighter tone, with more of a comic slant (without compromising on the adult material like violence, threat and the stylish aesthetic Zack Snyder already established). It's no bad thing.

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