Justice League: The Flash Will Be Your Favourite Character

Test screenings confirm the League's MVP...

The Flash Justice League
Warner Bros.

Despite how awesome Jason Momoa's Aquaman looks, and how inherently cool Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman have always be, the slightly unlikely fan favourite emerging for Justice League is actually Ezra Miller's Flash.

That's according to Geoff Johns, at least, who appeared at the NATO (National Association of Theater Owners) Fall Summit to talk up the DCEU’s upcoming movie slate and revealed that The Flash got the most positive audience response in the early screening. Regal Films’ Chris Sylvia took to Twitter to say that Johns said, “Flash is the collective favourite coming out of Justice League.”

That's definitely a good thing, considering he has his own movie still in gestation, and it also seems to suggest that the film will balance humour well (since he appears to be the most humour-driven character in there). And it's good that they've managed to avoid the Scrappy Doo feel that would have been VERY easy to fall into.

Generally speaking, the reactions that came out of Warner Bros' early screenings do seem to be very positive - which is very good - and hopefully reflect the film's quality, rather than WB's ability to cherry pick hyperbole spewing fan accounts on Twitter who recognise that channelling the cult of Snyder's DCEU is an easy way to grow Followers...

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