Kick-Ass 2: 10 Things You Might Have Missed

9. Dave€™s Room Is So Real

American Jesus The everyday life side of things sort of took a backseat in Kick-Ass 2 and thus we spent a lot less time in Dave€™s room. But despite that there€™s still a multitude of detail in there for obsessive fans to come over when they get their mits on the Blu-Ray. First up is posters of comic creator Mark Millar€™s various works, including American Jesus, Wanted and Superior plastered over the room. This is most noticeable in the flashback during Dave€™s Dad€™s funeral; Millar€™s name is in your face there with bolded capitals. These are pretty par for the course in a Kick-Ass film, but there€™s much more in there; from the music he plays and the general layout, everything has been scrutinised. Millar based the comic bedroom off his own nephew€™s (from a picture from MySpace, which sort of expands on the next point) and in both films a same level of detail was made. What makes the sequel actually more noteworthy is that the same attention was paid, but there was much less screen time, meaning you were more likely to miss it.
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