Killer Walking CCTV Cameras!! Danny Trejo!!! EYEBORGS Is Coming For You…

Danny Trejo is the king of trash cinema: and the man with the most grizzled face on modern screens skates…

Simon Gallagher

Executive Editor

Danny Trejo is the king of trash cinema: and the man with the most grizzled face on modern screens skates the fertile ground between B-Movie greats and downright D-quality garbage on a regular basis. And as if to prove the point, he is about to strut his stuff in Eyeborgs, an independent sci-fi horror that bills itself as a mesh of the techno-anxiety of I, Robot and Enemy of the State and the creature horrors of Gremlins and Critters.

I’ve just been sent the trailer, and I couldn’t resist sharing it. So look beyond the leap, and feast your eyes on some seriously imbalanced film-making.

Here’s the frankly bonkers synopsis for what promises to be a definite filmic curio:

In the wake of another devastating terrorist attack, the United States government passes the “Freedom of Observation Act, a law requiring all communications and surveillance cameras to be constantly monitored for national security. Helping to enforce the new law are the Eyeborgs, mobile surveillance robots that can track suspicious persons wherever they may try to hide. Now everyone is under the constant watch of ODIN, the Optical Defence Intelligence Network, an all-seeing system that never sleeps, never rests and never stops “looking out for you.” But what few people realize is the Eyeborgs are authorized to do more than just watch. If an Eyeborg witnesses a crime in progress when no other law enforcement agent is present, it can take whatever action is necessary to stop it.

Investigating a series of suspicious deaths, Homeland Security agent R.J. “Gunner” Reynolds (Paul) finds a link to the Eyeborgs and is led to believe that terrorists have taken over the system and are using the ’bots in a plot to assassinate the President of the USA. What he doesn’t realize is the truth behind the killings is far more terrifying than any mere act of terrorism.

It’s crazy, yes – but it’s my kind of crazy.

Eyeborgs, which also stars Adrian Paul (Highlander), Megan Blake (The Opposite Of Sex), and Luke Eberl (Letters From Iwo Jima; Planet Of The Apes) is released on DVD on June 20th.