King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword Review: 5 Ups & 5 Downs

Another mixed bag from Guy Ritchie.

King Arthur
Warner Bros.

Guy Ritchie's dubiously-anticipated King Arthur: Legend of the Sword is almost here, and is off to a rather underwhelming start with critics.

Now, is it as bad as that 20%-ish critical approval score would suggest? Absolutely not. There is a lot here to enjoy, though it also requires accepting some severe tinkering with the conventional King Arthur story, not to mention the sometimes frustrating box-ticking nature of blockbuster filmmaking.

While its potential commercial failure off the back of these reviews (not to mention already-soft box office tracking) likely won't make a dent in the careers of the cast or crew, it's fair to say that with so much talent involved, this really could've been something special indeed.

Instead? It's settled for acceptable mediocrity, though going by the early critical consensus, mileage is likely to vary wildly.


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