J.J. Abrams first possible big departure in the looks department for next year’s biggest STAR TREK movie in cinema history involves the costume of the crew.

JFX Online believe they have the first look at actor Chris Pine (a.k.a. the  new Kirk) wearing his TREK uniform for the feature, which is controversially ALL RED and not the classic yellow and black that William Shatner donned in the early series…



My first reaction was that the uniform is possibly a cadet outfit and as we believe our first encounter with Kirk will be in the Academy, this would make sense. It certainly doesn’t look like a classic TREK uniform and I can’t imagine that Abrams would go for such a clear departure from the original series.

But then Trek Movie have heard that Zachary Quinto was spotted on the set wearing the same kind of uniform and we know for a fact that Quinto’s Spock will begin the movie on the Enterprise under the command of Bruce Greenwood’s Captain Pike.

So this can’t be an Academy outfit.

One other suggestion has been some kind of graduation or celebration attire, which would seem likely and if Quinto was wearing the SAME uniform, then it won’t be the new main attire because Kirk and Spock’s will be different.

The word is Quinto will be on set today filming tons of material so if these spy’s are as good as they have been, we can expect some more set photo’s to be leaked soon.

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This article was first posted on December 11, 2007