Knight Knight 2

Camelot is closed, King Arthur is dead and the Round Table is no more.

So is the scene set for Christina Bucher and Nicholas Horwood’s low-budget comic gem, whose trailer has recently hit the astonishing 2 million views mark. The production has high expectations, and its scope is to be heartily commended considering the relatively low cost.

The film, which follows two comically out of their depth trainee knights bumbling through a quest to rescue a kidnapped princess and earn a golden reward f, was shot in three different locations: Allington Castle, Hedingham Castle and Epping forest. It was shot with two Red MX cameras and as a testament to the community behind the scenes, nearly everyone on set worked in more than one role to make it happen.

Here’s the trailer…


Knight Knight is a feature comedy and available now online at WWW.KNIGHTKNIGHTTHEMOVIE.COM from as little as $1.50.

Knight Knight

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