Kong: Skull Island - 21 WTF Moments

Not too sure this Giant Monkey film is in touch with reality, actually.

King Kong WTF

Kong Lives, and judging by the ticket sales, his reboot is another purposeful stride on the road to Legendary's shared MonsterVerse, which will eventually bring the Great Ape face to face with Godzilla, Mothra and hopefully not MechaKong ever.

The film is the very definition of a summer blockbuster dropped in the wrong window: it replaces intellect with popcorn moments, stuffs in humour, spectacle and pleasant nonsense alongside badass performances and thumping Vietnam War movie music. Calling it a crowd pleaser would be something of an understatement, even with its many, many problems.

At least it doesn't take itself seriously: it can be as dumb as it wants to be as much as it wants to be but as long as there's a hint of a tongue planted in a giant cheek, it's absolutely charming enough to get away with it.

But while it is entertaining and exhilarating at times, but it's definitely, DEFINITELY one of the stupidest films of the year so far. And it has a giant ape's share of jaw-dropping, stupid and just plain wrong WTF moments...

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