There have been some strange film announcements in recent weeks. We’ve heard about a new Gilligan’s Island film, a film based solely around a thirty year old Space Invaders video game, and a film re-imagining Abraham Lincoln as some sort of vampire killer. Mind-blowing stuff, indeed.

Breathlessly, the weird movie news continues from Warner Brothers, the unofficial Hollywood home of psychotic, emotionally-incompetent studio heads. They have announced that they will be making a film tenatively titled Leonardo da Vinci and the Soldiers of Forever. The film will pit da Vinci and a secret society against demons for control of the world (again). The film will be an action-adventure film along the lines of National Treasure and (of course) The da Vinci Code.

Strangely, I’m not entirely against this idea. Leonardo da Vinci was clearly a man who had much going on in his life. Although mainly known for his paintings and sculptures, he was also a brilliant, visionary inventor whose technical drawings were hundreds of year ahead of their time. In such a re-imagining, it might be fun to see da Vinci wield some steam-punkish weapons and gadgets in his fight against the underworld. He could be like a Renaissance-era James Bond. It’s starting to sound better, isn’t it?

The film was developed by Adrian Askarieh, brainchild behind Hitman. Uh oh … a fly in the ointment. We will see if he can supress his natural instincts and craft a film that delivers on its promise. I. for one, am hopeful.

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This article was first posted on March 11, 2010