Listen: Adele Skyfall Song In Full Here

The James Bond franchise has a long and illustrious history; the gunfights; the awesome melee battles; the gadgetry; the intrigue and of course, the Bond girls. Each element of the Bond franchise is probably as iconically linked to the character as the next. But I left one major element out. The theme song. The new theme song for the 23rd James Bond film Skyfall, written and performed by British sensation Adele, has leaked online and you can listen to the epic, nostalgically classic 007 film tune below along with the official video and lyrics; The official video was posted by Adele's record marks the first time a Bond film theme has featured the name of the film's title since Madonna's outrageously awful track for Die Another Day ten years ago. Not only that but the title of the song is also taken directly from the film's original, non-Ian Fleming title. 007 fans, what do you make of Adele's Bond track? The best we've heard in years? Skyfall stars the hugely successful current Bond Daniel Craig alongside Dame Judi Dench (returning performance as M), Ralph Fiennes, Javier Bardem, Helen McCrory and Albert Finney. Unarguably a great cast and one whom we can't wait to see sharing the screen together come Skyfall's release. Skyfall is out in Cinemas on November 9th in the US and 26th October in the UK.
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