Logan: 10 Reasons It Blows Deadpool Away

8. Laura Is An Incredible Female Character

Logan Laura

The lack of truly compelling female characters with real agency in comic book films is definitely disappointing, but the genre is slowly making in-roads, and with young mutant Laura, Logan has struck absolute gold.

Though she's mute for the majority of the movie, Laura is a tenacious, highly entertaining and likeable character who the audience instinctively feels protective over, and who could be a fantastic mascot for the X-Men series moving forward if she ends up getting her own movie.

Deadpool's female characters sadly weren't up to much: Vanessa got to peg Deadpool, sure, but she was mostly a damsel-in-distress, while Angel Dust and Negasonic Teenage Warhead weren't bad but just kinda...there.

Laura on the other hand is a full-bodied character who audiences are desperate to see more of as soon as possible.


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