LOVE & OTHER DRUGS trailer ain't all that, sorry

Jeff Wells wrote yesterday;
Prediction: Anne Hathaway is a guaranteed lock for a Best Actress nomination. Honestly? I'm 60% convinced she's going to win.
Hmmm. I need a little more convincing... Above is the trailer for Edward Zwick's much talked about rom-drama Love & Other Drugs (November) and it's put something of a bad taste in my mouth. Anne Hathaway is always worth a viewing, her smile and laugh is as infectious as Julia Roberts in her prime, and where her character goes emotionally in this film has received much plaudits I know - but all in all, the movie looks a little ordinary. Don't you think? I didn't quite expect it to be this mainstream. This rom-commy, this soppy, or pop-tuney cute. I was thinking more Cassavetes, more matter-of-fact when it was announced. What the hell is this, really? And I've never been blown away by a Jake Gyllenhaal performance, ever. Just saying.

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