Man Of Steel 2: 5 Things That Would Make The Sequel Soar

3. Fortress of Solitude

man of steel Perhaps as important as the suit or all that flying is Supe's icy home. In Man of Steel, Goyer made the brave choice to omit the Fortress as we know it for something a little more clever: a Kryptonian spacecraft buried deep in the dark recesses of the Arctic. Discovered by the military, and in turn leading both Kal-El and Lois Lane to its location, they believe it to be not of this earth. Kal-El, however, believes it may finally be the answer(s) he's been looking for. So far, so Fortress. But while this imitation serves the new purpose of grounding Superman's story as much as possible, you can't help but yearn for those crystals, those icy exteriors. You am certainly see the positives from it (no floating Jor-El head, no silly power-zapping chamber just yet), and it the grand scheme of the story, serves just as well. But there is something inertly Superman about it all, something that like the aforementioned "musts" of the Superman canon, it's something that could still be incorporated in a sequel. Furthermore, with the inclusion of the true Fortress, we could also learn more about Krypton (namely Kryptonite) despite both it's implosion and loss of its last few survivors. But as the last son of Krypton has now flexed his muscles, and his "wings", there is still much more self-discovery to seek yet.

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