Man Of Steel: Kevin Costner's Magnum Opus?

image Yes, the new spot debuts action, showcasing astounding effects, as well as the promise of a throw-down-drag-out of Kryptonian proportions, but the narrative and scope combines all the best and transcendental moments of the former previews: an introspective piano strikes slowly over the previously referenced Clark-Pa Kent "you are my son" heart-to-heart. Only in TV spot eleven, both soundtrack and paternal dialogue are played in perfect juxtaposition, with each piano-key tugging at the heart as Pa continues, "but somewhere out there you have another father", Costner trembles, his throat choked with apology in unconditional love. I had to stop the video after this line and give serious thought to: "Is Kevin Costner about to make me cry? And by cry, I mean bawl like a baby at Man of Steel?" "And he sent you here for a reason", Costner's Jon Kent concludes in the preview, his raspy baritone giving way to more images and scenes of what looks to essentially be an absolute epic science-fiction tale of a young man who is living under the weight of two legacies while attempting to forge his own destiny. Trying to fill the big shoes left by one father, while shrouded in the towering shadow of the other. The rise-and-fall, and rise-again, story of Superman on film, as well as Kevin Costner's career and comeback, are both converging for a potential renaissance together on June 14 with the release of "Man of Steel".
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