Mark Ruffalo Hulk Smashes In New Thor: Ragnarok Set Video

My, Bruce, what big hands you have...

Mark Ruffalo Hulk

With Thor:Ragnarok now into the early days of production and the cast on set (or at least the principle cast, anyway), we're starting to see little glimpses of the set thanks mostly to their social media accounts.

Chris Hemsworth is obviously deep into training to pack on the God Of Thunder's muscle-mass, and now Mark Ruffalo has shared a first behind-the-scenes video horsing around with a pair of giant Hulk hands.

It looks very much like he's on a green screen stage, and while the hands might look like they've come from Toys R Us, they're probably legitimate prop aids.

Hopefully, we're going to get to see a lot of Hulk in the film, because we need Marvel to see how well he can do as a character in a smaller cast so they finally notice he can do the whole solo thing again. Here's hoping, anyway.

So far the social activity around the film seems to be taking a very noticeably comic turn - which probably has a lot to do with director Taika Waititi's background and Marvel's agenda to lighten things up after The Dark World. For instance...

They can share all the hammer-based japes they like as long as they deliver on adapting both the Ragnarok story and Planet Hulk. To be honest, they do that and they can take the keys to the box office as far as I'm concerned.

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