Marvel Cinematic Universe: 10 New Villains To Watch Out For In 2018

10. Nightshade

Marvel Comics

Appearing In: Luke Cage

The second season of Luke Cage is arriving this year, and though Luke will be continuing his ongoing struggle with Mariah Dillard and Shades, who have filled the void left behind by Cottonmouth, he'll also have to contend with the arrival of two new villains in his life. The first of these is Tilda Johnson, the comic character who goes by the alias Nightshade, who will be played by actress Gabrielle Dennis.

The character's comic legacy is one that may seem at odds with the established tone of Luke Cage and the Netflix shows in general, as Nightshade is known for being able to turn people into werewolves, among other things, something it's hard to see actually happen on the show. All we know for sure is that Netflix's interpretation of the character is as a holistic doctor, one who never seems to escape trouble, and the second season will likely serve as her origin story of what triggers her to become Nightshade.

It should also be noted that over the summer, actress Nabiyah Be, who will be appearing in Black Panther, tweeted that her character in the film - an ally of Killmonger - will also be Tilda Johnson, though the fact that her tweet was soon deleted and no actual official announcement has been made has raised eyebrows. For now, though, the Nightshade to keep an eye on is the one we know for sure will be surfacing in Luke Cage, as seeing how the show will deal with interpreting such a unique, lycanthrope-loving character from page to screen will be interesting.


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