Marvel Cinematic Universe: 5 Actors To Consider For Doctor Strange


So far there are only 3 movies confirmed for the Phase 3 of Marvel's Cinematic Universe: Ant-Man, The Avengers 3 and, of course, Doctor Strange. He's always been one of my favorite characters in the Marvel roster and it makes me very glad to see that a film about him is about to be made, especially after the terrible "adaptation" made back in the 70's.

However one of the most important aspects about the film is who will be cast to play The Sorcerer Supreme. Joseph Gordon Levitt was rumored for a while to be in contention to play Stephen Strange, and while he made a pretty cool Robin in The Dark Knight Rises I seriously doubt he could play as Doctor Strange. Especially after playing Robin in a DC movie.

While it's still pretty early to speculate about who could play the marvelous character (pun intended) it's still really interesting to think about who could be good enough to play who will star in the (according to some) next big Marvel franchise. Here's my selection of 5 actors who could make a really good Stephen Strange.


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